The Models Have Different Approaches Towards The Concept Of Nursing Essay

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Nursing Both models have different approaches towards the concept of nursing. Leininger presented nursing as “activities directed toward assisting, enabling, and supporting with the cultural beliefs and values of the recipient of care” (Masters, 2014, p. 69). Nursing is a general profession which includes culturally congruent care; nurses provide care for members of diverse cultures. According to Jarošová (2014), nursing is presented by three types of activities which are culturally congruent with the needs and values of clients (p. 49). However, Roy defines nursing as “using the four adaptive modes, promote adaptation for individuals and groups, thus contributing to health, quality of life, and dying with dignity” (McEwen & Wills, 2014, p. 179). Jarošová, (2014) explained that nursing focuses on adaptive abilities of individual, families, and communities. By manipulating focal and contextual stimuli and decreasing the influence of residual stimuli, nursing strives to reduce ineffective responses and promote adaptation of individual in health and illness (p. 54). The metaparadigm concepts are well defined in these two models. However, there are some similarities and differences found between the two models. The relationship among the concepts is evident and is related to one another, and these are consistent with the model’s scientific assumptions. However, in philosophical assumptions, the definition and relationship of the concepts are not clearly consistent.

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