Transcultural Nursing Essay

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Application of Nursing Theory Leininger’s Transcultural Theory The practice of nursing in today’s multicultural societies calls for nurses to identify and meet the cultural needs of diverse groups of people; to understand the social and cultural reality of the client, family, and community; to develop expertise in the implementation of culturally acceptable strategies for the provision of nursing care, and to identify and use appropriate resources for health teaching that is acceptable to the client. Undeniably, this cultural diversity necessitates that the care provided be compatible with the needs of the culturally diverse population. Madeleine Leininger is recognized worldwide as the founder of transcultural nursing,…show more content…
The final assumption is the fact that nursing care that is culturally beneficial can only be provided when the nurse providing the care has knowledge of cultural care expressions, patterns, and values (Kardong-Edgreen & Campinha-Bacote, 2008). The concepts of Person, Environment, Health and Nursing Unlike other nursing theorists, Leininger did not put emphasis on basic concepts of person, environment, health, and nursing, which are usual nursing metaparadigms that most nursing theorists utilize. Leiningers theory instead, emphasized different metaparadigms. First, she considers nursing as both a discipline and a profession. The term ‘nursing’ according to her, cannot explain the phenomenon of nursing. Instead, ‘care’ has the greatest explanatory power to explain nursing. Leininger (1995) views ‘caring’ as the verb counterpart to the noun care and refers it to a feeling of compassion, interest and concern for people. When Leininger’s definition of care is compared to other transcultural scholars’ definitions, it appears that her view of care is wider than, for example, that of Orque et al. (1983), who depicted care as goal-oriented nursing activities, in which nurses recognize the patients’ ethnic and cultural features and integrate them into the nursing process as cited in (Giger, Davidhizar, Purnell, Harden, Phillips, & Strickland, 2007). Second, the nursing profession uses the term ‘person’ in a way that is limiting and binding, as the concept of
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