The Modern Business World : An Essential Concept Which Plays An Important Role For Organisations?

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1.1 Background
In the modern business world, quality is well-known as an essential concept which plays an important role for organisations (Ahmad and Elhuni 2014). Furthermore, the concept of quality has been widely used and adopted by many organisations in order to survive on the business battlefield. Otherwise, for those organisations which do not adopt the concept of quality in their management system will be left behind in the market race. Oakland (2003) stated that quality simply refers to the ability of products or services to meet the customer requirements. The more products or service can fulfil the customer needs, the more customer satisfaction will be earned. Oakland (2003) also found that quality framework can give many benefits for those organisations which implement it, such as helping to earn competitive advantage, increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty, also improving productivity level. Moreover, high-quality products or services are also able to trigger repeat purchasing which lead to customer loyalty (Oakland 2003). As time goes by, the concept of quality has changed rapidly. In recent days, the concept of quality does not only about how to generate high-quality products or services, but it also should be built from the outset which means it entails a mature organisation structure, high skilled employees, good structural procedures and processes, also adequate resources (Haupt and Whiteman 2004). Hence, the concept of total quality management (TQM)
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