The Modern Day Legal Systems

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Human civilization marked the beginning of modern day legal systems. The advancements in societies resulted in maintaining certain rules and regulations to continue this progress. Every society has its own set of laws which are in some ways distinct from others. Many of these laws have common sections and underlying guidelines. This could be because some societies decide to retain certain aspects of their customs after breaking out of another society. It could also be the case that over time different societies through trade and other intercultural activities developed together, which caused them to have agreements in their laws. For many others, it is the case that they share a common colonial master. The law and legal systems operating today are derivatives of the forms listed above. Like many other nations today, the laws of ancient civilizations have affected Canadian law. These include the Code of Hammurabi, the Mosaic law, Greek and Roman laws, the Magna Carta and a few others. More recently are the civil and common law derived from the French and British respectively. Canada did not always have a written constitution. The territory we now refer to as Canada was once populated by the French and English colonial masters. These colonists extended the laws of their home countries to their colonies. As the population of this territory grew and the UK gained control of more colonies including those from the French, regional laws became a necessity. Between the eighteenth

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