The Moral Dimensions Of Sexual Equality

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Not only does the Quran’s ontology and human creation that establishes the basis of sexual equality but it also defines the moral agency and praxis, specifically, its teaching that both women and have the same capability, capacity for moral agency, choice and individuality. The Quran commands men and women to follow a same behavior; both men and women are given the same rights, the same punishment. On top of this, the Quran appoints men and women as guides and protectors of each other, meaning that one is not higher than the other, they both are equally responsible for themselves and the other sex.

For one to understand the ethical-moral dimensions of sexual equality in the Quran, it is necessary to understand the Quranic concept of …show more content…

The meaning of moral and social rights in the Quran is one being the rights of God (Allah) and the rights of Human being. “Community and faith, or ummah and dīn are mutually defining and they give distinctive characteristics to the Islamic view of communal existence. It is the Tawhidi (Islamic) perspective that leads to defining the “community as a moral entity… (whose) purpose is to achieve moral balance within and between a network of relationships.” Merryl Wyn Davies (1988, 129).

To separate the social from the moral, as Muslims have done so in the past and are continuingly doing in the present is by the definition of faith considered as un-Quranic, hence, un-Islamic.

Taqwà is the essence of moral personality be orienting us towards God – consists, then, in our willingness to embrace virtue and refrain from evil be exercising our reasons, intellect, and knowledge. No where does the Quran claim that men due to their biological capacity as males, or social capacity as husbands, fathers are more superior than women to acquire more taqwá than women. Yet the patriarchy still believe that the Quran dishonors women, therefore God makes it evident in the Quran that the sexuality of a human matters not, the only thing that matters is how as a human being you have served God.

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