The Mormon Community Analysis

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As I look back on my life, as short as it has been so far, there are a few key events that I recall that have shaped me most as an individual and secured my different places in life. I was born in Roosevelt, Utah. In this small town of just under 7,000 people I never truly was able to find out who I wanted to be. The community was heavily influenced by two main factors, the Mormon religion and a very conservative culture. If you were not a part of one or both of these influences you generally would run in an outer circle. I found it hard to figure out who I wanted to be as I battled with the cultural norm as well as my own internal struggles. Growing up I was raised in the Mormon religion as was a large majority of the people I grew up …show more content…

I had always wanted to be a part of the feminist movement (often called the Third Wave of Feminism) but found it hard to do so in a heavily patriarchal society. I realized that the easiest way to be a part of the movement was to just dive in headfirst. I joined the Feminist Club on campus as well as the Alpha Phi Fraternity. These two organizations stoked the fire that I had within me to fight for equality. In the world today, I look to many powerful women as my inspirations. When Hillary received the nomination for the Democratic Party, I was bursting with joy. Even if she does not become the president, there are many other women who now have the example to follow to the White House. I never realized how desperately I needed their combined efforts to shape me into a stronger woman until I was a part of …show more content…

Joining this organization was never something that I thought I would do. In high school, I had been a cheerleader for two years and it generally turned me away from the thought of joining another all-female group because of the negative experiences I ended up having in cheer. What I found in Alpha Phi was a group of dedicated and hilarious women who, even though they shared the same name of Alpha Phi, still held on to their individuality. I was taught once again to find a love of myself, but this time rather than being pushed away as I had when I left my religion, I found a

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