The Most Iconic Civil Rights Movement Influencers Of All Time By Billie Holiday

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To begin my essay, I would like to start off with arguably the most iconic civil rights movement influencers of all time, Billie Holiday. Eleanora Fagan was born on April 7, 1915 and is from the “Quaker City” formally known as Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Eleanora childhood could be best described as unsteady, at times. During these trying points in her life, Eleanora enjoyed singing along to records and escape the harsh reality of her life. When she made the move to New York with her mother around the age of 15, she began to perform at local clubs under the name “Billie”. After a while of singing solo, Billie was discovered by producer John Hammond and her career had begun. Holiday then began to work solo at the New York Café Society club.…show more content…
She began to play piano at her father’s church for some time. Nina dreamed of becoming a pioneer African American pianist but her hopes and dreams were crushed when her acceptance to an institution was denied. Unsurprisingly, Nina Simone’s ethnicity influenced the rejection of her application. This did not stop her as she began to play at local bars and soon enough, at the age of 24, she caught the attention of several labels. One of Simones most famous and controversial pieces of art is the track titles “Mississippi Goddam”. This track rose to fame by unsettling her relationship with white listeners but strengthening her position within the civil rights movement. Nina Simones “Mississippi Goddam” was a track that the artist wrote following the horrific events that took place in Mississippi and Alabama. In Mississippi, a prominent civil rights activist named “Medgar Evars” was murdered. Meanwhile in Birmingham, Alabama a church was bombed taking the lives of four young African American women. Enraged, Simone retaliated by doing what she does best, music. She debuted the song at New York in Carnegie Hall to hundreds of listeners. Simone was destined to bring the truth of the horrors that occurred to her predominantly white crowd. This song showed great frustration that Simone held toward the United States much so that in 1970; Simone left the United States for good and relocated in France where she spent her last days. The next artist I would like to discuss

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