The Most Important Trait Of Leadership

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The most important trait of leadership is referent power, highlighting the ability of a leader to engage and influence others to follow. “Referent power derives from employees ' respect for a manager and their desire to identify with or emulate him or her. In referent power, the manager leads by example” (“Leadership Styles”, 2009, p.459). In order to successfully guide staff and obtain respect, one must have the ability to influence others. There is a broad range of leadership concepts; but referent power is pertinent enough to measure the success of a new leader.
The most successful and influential type of leadership is referent power. Giang (2013, para. 9) discusses “referent power is the ability to convey a sense of personal …show more content…

Both of these studies prove how relevant referent power is. The personality of all the subjects involved demonstrates the power of appeal. The charismatic leadership tactics are broken down into three strategies; delivery, frame and substance. These three strategies will be uses during the interview process to evaluate the probability a candidate has to lead with referent power. Predicting one’s referent power and how it relates to leadership is difficult, but not impossible.
Going forward, as part of the interview process, we will ask candidates to prepare a five-minute presentation on a topic of their choice. By observing one’s delivery, frame and substance during their presentation, this method will help us evaluate the level of persuasive leadership ability a candidate has to offer. If they are convincing in their presentation, this exhibits a level of charisma, speaking to their ability to become an influential leader among staff. We will implement a rubric as an instrument to measure their capabilities, basing their presentation on three aspects; ability to paint a picture, substance for justification, and delivery. By measuring the ability the candidate has to paint a picture, it provides a “frame”, or visual. This is the first strategy, which will reflect how they present their topic. The applicant should have the ability to allow the audience to visualize their argument using metaphors and rhetorical questions. If this vision is shared, there is a

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