The Most Ironic Law Of All Time

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The Most Ironic Law of all Time The era of cable television reaches its final breath. Digital media begins flourishing. Online communities and social media reign over, spoiling our fingers with content of all calibers. The internet is causing a change so radical that legal matters are still catching up with it. As the Founding Fathers intended, effective law should include creating law adapts to society’s changes. However, change hasn’t occurred yet. The American copyright law only gets more controversial as it butts its way in. There is now a three-way skirmish between creators, large corporations and legislature for a simple reason. It is preventing creative freedom and distribution of content online. The American copyright law is ironically limiting much of this generation’s creativity by preventing exposure, criminalizing the wrong people and letting others take advantages of its own loopholes. To provide some background information, the creation of American copyright law dates back to the beginnings of the constitution of the United States. That is, the Copyright law was intended to promote science and useful arts by giving the author the right of protection from copy theft (art. I, sec 8). That means that the published work would be protected from being replicated; it cannot be used by anybody else without permission. That being said, the law offers a way to prevent infringement: public domain. This is material that loses protection from copyright law. When something
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