The Most Memorable Moments Of My Life

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One of the most memorable moments of my life was liking a guy named Bronson. It went from being a little storm to a hurricane. So, this is the beginning of the story, so late August early September I meet a girl named Makenna Gardner and we had become best friends, so you know that one question ever two friends have to know about each other, their crush well instead of her telling me who it was she described him {not only making it harder because I had to look for him} but since I've learned more for back then, I was going by my standards at the time so of cores I had a chance of picking the wrong guy. {It was my beauty type} But anyway let's get back on track, a couple of days later I was telling one of my friends that, that guy {I …show more content…

So, let's fast forward time, let's say a month are to, I really start liking this boy and I had already told my close friends and everything was good. But one day comes around and I decided to write about {I'm dumb} so before I tell you what I wrote you have to know that my girlfriends hunted down his information- not me, I promise you; they told it I didn’t go around highlighting everything about him. So basically, I wrote in a composition book where he lived, when's is birthday, and etc. And I was just burst out laughing {I was in my most lining teachers class so they didn't really care because he knew I was always laughing over "nothing", but my girl Asia decided to show him {I asked her why she did that and she said that she asked me but I just keep on laughing – okay}. Sothen I walk into the hallway and all of his guy friends are saying a bunch of words and at the time it seemed like they were saying things in a different language and I was like boys calm your little crazy self-down what the heck is it. and all I hear is, "you like Bronson"{completely in denial} and after that it's kind of was a turn off from him. Later on, that day I figure out that the teachers

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