The Most Popular Means Of Public And Cheapest Transport For People

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I was born and raised in the Philippines. In 2014, we moved into the United States. My friends usually ask me, “How’s it living in America compared here in the Philippines?”. Moving to another country was a huge, scary, life-changing leap. People will leave behind everything they have developed to know, and begin to grow into new cultures and traditions. Some of the things I observed that differs between Filipinos and Americans were about celebrations, means of transportation and general things of culture. In the Philippines, the most popular means of public and cheapest transport for people, goods and even sometimes little animals are Jeepneys. Most of the time, jeepneys are always overloaded and some passengers are hanging on the back or even at the top of the vehicle; nevertheless hanging in the jeepney isn’t allowed in large cities. For budget travelers, Jeepneys are one of the best and most comfortable transport options. There are also Padyak in local distances, where the rider sits in a sidecar, beside the bicycle, rather than behind it. The Filipino padyak is similar to rickshaws and tricycles. Light rail, buses, and taxis, are the other mode of transportation in the cities like Manila; however most people just walk in the end because of the heavy traffic. While in America, they have transit busses, taxis or trains for public transportation. They also have subways, also known as metro an underground railway system generally found in some large cities, and there was

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