The Rise Of Mass Transit

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The rise of mass transit in the beginning seemed like a great idea everything did seem to go well and it really benefited the majority of Americans. Many people used mass transit as a faster efficient way to get around that they had never seen before. Electric trolleys as started in the article “The Rise and Fall of mass transit” were the start of the urban expansion that came about. At the time real estate owners and transit owners developed a good system to ensure economic development in the cities. In the early 1900s there was a decline in mass transit development although there was a development in automobile technology. As said in the passage entrepreneurs and private corporations came together and invested more in street cars these were the reason as to why there was such a corruption in mass transit. During this time Americans demands a better control of the mass transit system which was necessary and these large corporations had no interest in the welfare of the citizens rather only in making a large profit. The Americans demanded a reliable, efficient and inexpensive mass transit system a lot of these people could not afford automobiles for several reasons. GM argued why buses were a more reliable and dependent form of trans portion than railroads. Therefore the government started to support more auto mobile ideas, rather than the railroads. The government started to give into ideas to support street and high way construction , since they were cooperating with

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