The Most Powerful Computers Of The Technology World

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The most powerful computers in the technology world are the Supercomputers. Hence, as the word ‘super’ elaborate that supercomputers are usually used for the projects that needs to process large amount of data, at very high speed. Supercomputers not only has the high processing power; they are also huge in size. You need a big room to fit in a supercomputer, and a strong cooling system to avoid getting a supercomputer to get overheated. They usually have more than one CPU’s to generate high-level data processing speed, and they need to have a large storage as well. The unit system that are used to measure the computing performance of the supercomputer are ‘FLOPS’ (Floating-point Operation Per Second). The first ever supercomputer was made during the time of Second World War named “Colossus”. It was made by The Great Britain, specially to crack the coded messages of Germans. Colossus could read up to 5000 characters in a second. Colossus was the start of a revolution in supercomputing. Since 1944, more enhanced and powerful supercomputers were introduced for example MIT Whirlwind by MIT in 1950. Cray-1 designed by Seymour Cray in 1975. Seymour Cray was called the ‘Father of Supercomputer’. He founded Cray Research in 1972, which designs supercomputers. The computing power of Cray-1 was 80 megaflops (vector) and 72 megaflops (scaler). After Cray-1, Cray X-MP, and Cray-2 also came out with 4 CPU’s and twice the Floating-point Operation Per Seconds. One of the

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