Nowadays The Majority Of Technology, Such As Laptops, Smartphones

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Nowadays the majority of technology, such as laptops, smartphones and tablets are stored with various applications. These applications, such as Google Maps and News, permit a broad range of people to facilitate all areas of their lives. One such application, Find My iPhone, allows users to detect where their cellular devices and other Apple products are located. Although this app is quite beneficial for a few reasons, it is arguable that it comes with many disadvantageous aspects. It is safe to say that, after much thought and experience, the negative features of Find My iPhone outweigh the positive ones. Established in 2010, the Find My iPhone app was one of first of many apps to allow users to track the location of their phone at any …show more content…

People can easily misplace their phones, but with the installment of Find My iPhone, some believe misplacing phones is not a problem because with the different features that are provided, there are solutions and ways to avoid this (Costello). For instance, take this scenario. An article that was published in the NY Times describes a situation in which a woman by the name of Sarah Maguire and her roommate’s phones were stolen. In the article, it was suggested that they might have lost their phones while at the bar or in the cab they had taken at that time. With the knowledge and accessibility that Ms. Maguire had, she went on her computer and found the Find My iPhone app that she has already set up prior to losing her phone. Through her search, she discovered that their phones were stolen but was able to locate her phone. With that said, she was able to retrieve her phone as well as her roommate 's phone (Lovett). Now, although Ms. Maguire has found both phones through the Find My iPhone app, it is not as easy as it sounds. For instance, there are problems associated with this particular situation. What if she was not as lucky in getting her phone and her roommate’s phone back? What if the app itself was not working properly? What if she did not have the device that she had? For one, the Find My iPhone application is only available for iOS users, not Android devices. Not everyone has iOS devices, and those who do may not have this app downloaded. The problem

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