Why I Don 't Type On The Home Row

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I hated learning to write and read, my dad would sit with me at a tiny desk in my room. He would try to get me to hold a pencil the correct way. I refused to and he would insist. Then again I would refuse and he 'd insist. Eventually, I wore him down and got to write my way. That same stubborn attitude is why I don 't type on the home row. After I got a writing lesson it was time to read. At the time, I stumbled through pre-K learning books about Bell and the Beast. But, gradually I started to understand more. That doesn’t mean I liked doing it or was good at it. In elementary I had terrible handwriting and spelling, I got lectured about it frequently. My dad would say "you should work on your handwriting it 's going to count when you go to jr. high and high school", little did he know that it was the age of the computers and would rarely ever have to a hand write a paper. In Jr. high I learned the basics of within writing and literature. There was very little writing, but lots of vocab. Not much reading, but lots of testing on the parts of a story. I had to work on the vocabulary a lot in 6th and 7th grade. My dad would help me by using unfamiliar words in his vernacular. I would have to take apart the sentence to gather what it meant. It was an unusual kind of game.
Junior high English was where I grasped some key concepts of literacy. Key concepts like: in order to become better at being literate it takes effort and motivation. This was also where I

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