With Most Things In Life, Practice Makes Perfect, Or At

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With most things in life, practice makes perfect, or at least close to perfect. Whenever an individual is introduced to a new way of doing something, it is expected that they struggle a bit, before fully understanding how to do it. This concept can be applied to various parts of my life, but most importantly, my education. In my first semester of college, I was in English Composition 101. Not having a teacher that was focused on interacting with the students and walking me through the writing process really had a negative impact on my learning. I had never been asked to write an analysis paper prior to that class and when expected to do so, you could say I fumbled the ball quite a few times. As this course came to an end, my ignorant teen…show more content…
This topic sentence included two characters which were both illustrated and explained as to how and why they impacted the text. Including both of these characters within the same paragraph affected the interpretation of how each character was significant to the story. It also limited the space I had to analyze a single character within that same scene in depth. For essay three, I had to revise and edit essay one, and strengthen the argument I presented. I chose to split this paragraph and focus on only one character for each paragraph. “In the opening scene which takes place at the Watson’s home, Doyle gives Mr. Watson an important task, by conforming Mrs. Watson to a housewife model because she is incapable of handling a situation herself.” The new topic sentence improved my essay’s organization by distinguishing how each character impacted the text on their own. Not only did this separation allow me to add more context within my paper, but it strengthened my analysis by giving more illustratrations and explanations. This substantial revision helped improve my developing as a writer by making each of my body paragraphs more organized. Another area in which I also improved in as a writer, is my transitioning between paragraphs. Transitioning between two different ideas has always been a struggle of mine. I used to not know how to properly transition, so I would simply start
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