The Most Unforgettable Moment Essay

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Sitting in the classroom, I was irritated by the unbearably hot and humid air, and silently waiting for the essays we wrote to return to us. The teacher stood at the front of the classroom. She called my name, saying, “Your writing is good, but the story doesn't have enough depth.”
Stating someone’s writing is good is the usual rhetoric my teacher used before she tries to make the student feel bad. She had been teaching the same subject for at least twenty-five years, and she was known to students for never missing any opportunities to point out students mistakes in front of the class. I remember the essay title was “The Most Unforgettable Moment.” The story I wrote is roughly about one day when I was walking on the street, and I saw a homeless person begging for food. My heart ached for the poor homeless stranger. The only thing he was wearing was a worn out, ripped blue cotton trousers. I gave him two coins I had in my pocket. He looked up at me and smiled, he said, ”It’s a nice day today.”
I was moved by how he was enjoying the warmth of the sun, but I was stressed out, hurrying walking to next destination without noticing how wonderful the day was. But according to my teacher’s template, a homeless person shall always tell the author how grateful he is. And I as an author should express how thankful I am to my parents for providing a carefree environment. I didn’t really know why the homeless person didn’t say thank you, instead he commented on the weather. For me, I

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