The Movie As Good As It Gets Essay

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1) In the movie as Good As It Gets, Jack Nicholson plays a character by the name of Melvin Udall, Single, maybe in his 50s lives alone, never married but a successful love novelist. Melvin demonstrated from the get-go traits of being homophobic, racist, self-centered, lacking empathy and social skills and unusual behaviors. As time goes on he witnesses the hardship of his neighbor Simon an artist and who falls into a depression, Carol a hopeless romantic with a sick son who he slowly starts feeling empathetic for. The “abnormal” behaviors that stuck out the most were his unusual Obsessions and Compulsions. Melvin had an obsession with being contaminated; he wore gloves to avoid touching things or people, or couldn’t wear a used coat and tie. There was a part in the movie were Melvin was using a pair of gloves and he threw them out, washed his hands with hot water, opened 3 new bars of soap to only wash his hands for 10 seconds at the most with each bar. In another scene Melvin was walking through a crowd of people and it looked like he was dancing but he was really trying to avoid all the cracks on the street. I saw hope in Melvin though when he was at the restaurant and a group of children were gathered around Verdell. Carol Connelly (Helen Hunt) mentioned “Aren’t you afraid he might get stolen”? Melvin moved from his usual table to move closer to keep an eye on verdell which was something out of his comfort zone which lead me to believe this was the first step in the

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