The Movie Lockdown By John Luessenhop

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In the movie Lockdown created in 2000 by John Luessenhop tells a story of three friends wrongful convicted and sent to prison and the problems they deal with while incarnated. In the beginning of the movie Avery Montgomery which is the main chartartcer is taking time off from college to spend time with his girlfriend Krista , and help raise their young son. Though the movieportray the possibility to be a black professional swimmers to be rare, Avery is skilled to swim at a championship level, so when he has an remarkable win he gets offered a scholarship. Cashmere is also an important character that is Avery 's best friends since childhood. Though their personalities and lifestyles are very different, for instance Avery tries to…show more content…
Later that day after he commits an attempted robbery where he shoots and kills a young girl at a drive through, then wipes off the gun and throws it into the backseat of Cashmere 's convertible when he is not there. After the swim meet, Cashmere and Dre, takes Avery out to celebrate his big win with them but he does not want to go instead he wants to spend time with Krista. But, she tells him to go have fun with his friends so he changes

his mind and they get in the car. During the car ride, Dre, who is riding in the backseat, finds the gun, and ask Cashmere about violating their unwritten rule. But Cashmere does not know what he is referring to, so the three men begin arguing about the gun to find out they have a strange gun, in their possession and they have no idea where it came from or what it could have been used for. Not focusing because they were arguing over how to get rid of the gun some cops spotted them because Cashmere car looks very similar to Broadway 's car that had been seen at murder earlier that day. The cops pulled them over. One of cops was a female officer; she orders them out of the car at gunpoint, which they submit to, but in instant Cashmere 's pitbull runs toward the officer who kills him in self-defense. Cashmere pulls out his gun in anger at the loss of his dog, and points it at the officer only to be shot and knocked down. After being wrongfully convicted, the three are sent to the same medium security prison while serving a
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