The Movie ' The ' Aladdin '

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In the movie Aladdin, it talks about social class. What is a social class? According to Anderson & Taylor (2013), “social class is the social structural position that groups hold relative to the economic, social, political, and cultural resources of society” (p. 174). In this world, there are people who are determined to be the rich. However, there are also people who are born to be the poor. People called the rich, upper class. The poor are called lower class. Furthermore, more people are considered middle class in this society nowadays.
Aladdin, this movie introduces that the Princess is no longer white. This story consists of a lamp through a entire storyline. A minister of a king of Sultan, Jafar, in order to gain the powerful spirit inside the lamp, he must find a metaphors "uncut diamond". However, a street child, Aladdin, is the selected diamond. Aladdin is a poor boy, and he only makes a living by stealing. He is a famous thief in the city. One day, he comes to the street, and he notices a Prince comes to the town, and the Prince is preparing to propose a marriage to Princess Jasmin. However, the rich Prince is certainly unkind, he is not even a moral gentleman. He says Aladdin is an uneducated vagrant. Aladdin feels angry and sad after hearing these words since he does not feel he is uneducated. Aladdin does not understand that why people just look at a person’s appearance without observing at the connotation of a person. Jasmin, a Princess, who is considered to be

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