The Mrs. Andrea Yates Trial

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Mrs. Andrea Yates murdered her five young children, aged 6 months to 7 years old. Since the birth of her fourth child she had had serious bouts with depression. She had suicidal tendencies that had earned her multiple stay at a hospital and was diagnosed with postpartum psychosis. She was on and off different anti-depressants and anti-psychotics, mutilated herself, stopped feeding her youngest child and was seeing a couple of psychiatrists. These therapists warned of Mrs. Yates not taking her prescriptions and being left alone with the children. One of her therapist recommended her needing constant supervision alone and definitely with her children. Her mother-in-law had been coming over after Mr. Yates left for work each morning. Her husband said that he was not aware of this and in the weeks leading up to the murders had insisted that the only way to cure his wife of this depression was to give her increasing responsibility for her children. He decided that his mother would come over in the mornings after giving Mrs. Yates an hour to be alone with them. On the morning of June 20, 2001during one of these hours, Mrs. Yates committed her crime. From the background information it is obvious to see that Mrs. Yates suffered from mental illness. Leading up to the murders she had stopped taking her medication because she and her husband wanted to have more children. This was also not recommended by the psychiatrist, both ceasing medication and having more children.
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