The Museum : Kingston Museum And Heritage Service

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1. Name of museum: Kingston Museum and Heritage Service
2. Name of governing body: Kingston Upon Thames
3. Date on which this policy was approved by governing body: 17/02/2015
4. Date at which this policy is due for review: 17/02/2015
5. Museum’s statement of purpose
5.1. I am not sure of the museum’s statement.
6. An overview of current object handling
6.1. Unknown and not readily available for public knowledge
7. Themes and priorities for future object handling
7.1. Any contact or movement of an object is considered handling. In a museum setting, it is likely that you will be required to handle objects. It is important that volunteers and staff alike learn the proper ways to handle objects.
7.2. The first step to handling and conserving objects is to take preventative measures. One of the first things to do when handling objects is to think. Use common sense when handling objects, because common sense is the backbone of good preventative methods. One thing to keep in mind is that most of the harmful elements for cultural objects are human. Our fingers have oils that can corrode metal. Additionally, it is human accident that causes obvious damage such as tears in canvas, broken vases, or scratches in material.
7.3. With this policy I want to create a better understanding of how and why to properly handle and care for objects.
8. Limitations on object handling
8.1. The museum recognizes its responsibility in protecting and caring for its collections, as a result,
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