The Music And Dance Concert

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The World Music and Dance Concert series this year was diverse in their expression of the different countries represented. For example, countries such as Haiti, The United Kingdom, North India, China and many African countries were represented during the performance. Between both their representation of typical music and dances performed, the concert accurately depicted what a typical scenario in each country would look like. The atmosphere of the performance can be described as exciting and optimistic. I was interested to see what the concert would entail; I was pleasantly surprised with what I witnessed. The first performance was titled Mande Medley. The musical performance was extremely upbeat and fast paced, and it captured the …show more content…

Oppositely, while more towards the front of the stage there was a group of dancers performing. All dressed in different colors, they performed together dancing to the beat of the songs sung. There were two guys both dressed in white, while the girls all had on colorful outfits. This piece kept the audience’s attention because of all that was happening created an appealing visual for people to watch. Eventually, the dancers left, leaving the A cappella group to set forward and allowing them to perform separately. They performed a modern-day song that according to the pamphlet was released in the United Kingdom, and it turned out to be a song that was a chart topper. The fourth performance can be described as poetry, dance and music all combined. This section included three separate performances going onstage at the same time. There was dancing performed by Zelma badu-Younge. While the musical portion was performed by Paschal Yao Younge and Azuguno, and the poem part was spoken by Abla Dzifa Gomashie who moved around the stage as she spoke. She questions what it means to be, and make a woman a woman. This piece captured the audience’s attention by having separate events going onstage, so nothing was ever still. The music dictated the pace of the dancing on stage. Eventually, once the music picked up so did the dancing and the speaking on stage. More towards the end of the performance both women on stage began to dance

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