The Music Industry : An Artist Owned Company

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In the 21st century, music is one of the most important things in many peoples’ lives. Music inspires people, music saves lives, and music changes lives. However, the music industry is about to change forever whenever Tidal is introduced. Tidal is an artist owned company that focuses on producing the best quality music and sound. Yet, one of the questions is “Should we have to pay for music in order to get the best music?” Amanda Palmer would say that music should be free and artists can survive without selling the music. Amanda Palmer is one of the music’s artists that uses the crowd-funding model to provide free music to her audiences. Another question posed for this paper is “Which model is better?”
First, we will talk about Tidal’s economic model benefits and disadvantages in the aspect of: fan, artists, music, industry, and literature. Previously mentioned in the introduction, Tidal is an artist’s own company the goal is to provide better quality of music and gives the artist the ability to produce whatever kind of music he/she wants. However, all of the artists that own the company tend to be those that already established their styles and music genre. This aspect of the Tidal Company shows that artists like Jay Z (one of the owners) wants to be able to control the means of production instead of being the “labor”. This is one of the examples of the Marx theory on how status is dichotomous because Jay Z used to be a Proletariat, who sold his time for money and now

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