The Music Instrument the Organ Essay

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The organ is an instrument that dates back to the third century B.C. The man credited for this invention is Ctesibius of Alexandria who invented an instrument called the hydraulis, which used wind maintained through water pressure to some pipes. Organs are most likely found in churches and are used during the services. Its divine pitch imitates that of a human voice and creates a beautiful sound that many find pleasing. There are three types of organs, non-piped, electronic, and mechanical organs. Non-piped organs are much like accordions and harmonicas. Electronic organs make electronically produced sounds through speakers. Then the mechanical organs are…show more content…
Organs also range in size from single small keyboards to huge organs with five keyboards. Some of the bigger instruments can have over 10,000 pipes. The famous Wolfgang Amadeaus Mozart once called the organ the “king of instruments”. Organs were traditionally used for Christian and Catholic Church services, that is why they are commonly referred to as “church organs”. Organs are ideally made to accompany human voices. It could be a soloist, choir, whatever, that is one of its key purposes. This first began in the seventh century with Pope Vitalian. At first people were not fond of having music and singing during church services but people quickly became accustomed to having an organ around because of the beautiful sound that complimented the songs of worship. The organ became a popular and much wanted necessity in years to come.
Some organs, preferably larger ones, are also used for concerts called organ recitals. Almost any organ large enough outside of church is considered a concert organ. Church organs are very large to begin with, so concert organs must be very, very large. In the twentieth century, organs were made to replace symphony orchestras by playing transcripts of orchestral pieces. This was a major accomplishment because symphony orchestras took up a lot of space and time. The organ was considerably smaller and only required the musical talent of one person instead of an entire
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