The Music Of Beethoven And Johann Van Beethoven

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Born on December 17, 1770, Beethoven was a child Maria Magdalena Keverich and Johann Van Beethoven, where he was born and raised in Bonn, Germany. At quite a young age, Beethoven began exhibiting impressive musical talents. Following, Beethoven’s father became his initial musical instructor, however his methods of teaching were certainly questionable. Johann was brute, it was accounted for by neighbors that they witnessed a small child weeping playing the clavier while standing atop a footstool to reach the keys. His father shadowed him and punished him for every mistake; he also overworked and deprived him of sleep. With his father, Beethoven studied the clavier as well as the violin. He also received additional lessons from organists in the city he resided in, adding to his workload. Hoping for his son to be recognized as a musical prodigy, Beethoven’s first recital was held on March 26, 1778 when he was seven years old. Unfortunately, the performance was not a success, not in the way his father had hoped, Beethoven’s talents where indeed portrayed, however it did not receive the type of recognition that Johann had hoped for as there was no press or publicity. Meanwhile, average was a fitting word to describe Beethoven’s studies, music came more naturally to him than anything else. Therefore, he withdrew from school at the age of ten and committed his life to music. Following, he began to study music with the newly appointed court organist who went by the name of Christian…
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