The Muslim Community

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The Muslim community has faced many microassaults, microinsults, and microinvalidations in America. The microassaults reflect the conscious discrimination about a population. Many of the microassaults consisted of people stating that Arabs or Middle Eastern citizens are terrorists. Because of September 11, 2011, many have condemned one group of citizens as the reason for war in America. The microinsults consisted of every Muslim that comes to an airport being required to be checked, in hopes of safety. However, it is an unconscious insult to the Muslim population. The microinsults are often unconscious acts against a population. Due to the beliefs that the terrorists who caused the plane crashes during September 11 were Arabs, many wanted to be sure that many other Middle Easterners didn’t feel comfortable bringing more terror to America. Microinvalidations come into place when individuals approve the searches of Middle Eastern families in airports. Some may have the idea that while everyone may not be a terrorist, checking every Middle Eastern family will narrow the chances of terrorist attacks. Muslim experience microinvalidations when one is insensitive to their feelings or experience as whole. There are many misconceptions that are assumed about the Arab and Muslims American culture. Many of these misconceptions derive from experiences as a country, as well as personal experiences as a culture. Because of the on-going stereotypical remarks, the Arab culture suffer

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