The Mystery Of Jack The Ripper

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Nobody could ever put a face to the so known, “Jack the Ripper”. Beginning in 1891 and finally evolving in 1891, ten murders took place in the area of London known as the East End. They weren’t randomly chosen either they all were street prostitutes. As well as a case that they were trying to correlate the same murderer with, so it was included in the file. The “Pinchin Street torso” , but it had no association with the other murders. In this case they had discovered a female torso which had been thrown away under a railway overpass. The search for Jack the Ripper lasted for one hundred twenty years including theories and augmented debates.

The modern day forensics now and then were a lot different. Crime Scene Investigation, Fingerprinting, and even crime scene photography were not used in the police investigations at the time of the murders. There was also no social media then to spread the word around about him and gather any clues.

All the murders in Whitechapel occurred in Spitalfields or the Whitechapel area with the exception of Rose Mylett which occurred 2 1/2 miles east of the Royal London hospital and was debated if it was a murder.

Martha Tabrams body was found on August 7, 1888 at 4:50 AM she was lying on the first floor of George yard buildings, Whitechapel. Her hands were clenched up by her side, empty. Her clothes were torn and completely disarranged. The bosom of her dress had been torn away and her skirt was pushed up to her waist. There were no…

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