The Mystery of Miss Emily in A Rose For Emily by William Faulkner

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William Faulkner's short story “A Rose For Emily” opens the reader into the secluded, odd and depressing life of Miss Emily Grierson as seen through the eyes of people in the town and told through one of the townspeople. The mystery and curiosity from others are highlighted from the very beginning of the story when the the reader is introduced to the death of Miss Emily. From the very beginning sentences, a tone of darkness and curiosity can be felt in the short story. This tone helps to pique the interest of the reader on the reclusive life of the the main character and to enhance the story as it moves along to the climax. Miss Emily lives such a isolated life that very few are a part of. The events that happen and her actions in the …show more content…

They had attempted before to satisfy their curiosity by asking those that worked for Miss Emily. This is seen when the narrator reveals that “...we had long since given up trying to get any information from the Negro” (Faulkner 36). This shows how the people would at one point try to pry to get information as to what was happening in regards to Miss Emily. The curious tone continues rather quietly through the story until it reaches the climax towards the end when they finally enter the home. Part V begins with “The negro met the first of the ladies at the front door and let them in, with their hushed, sibilant voices and their quick, curious glances, and then he disappeared” (Faulkner 37). This passage describing their want to view inside the home and find what they are looking for. The curious tone is not as largely there as other set tones in the story but it is an important counterpart for the other tones set in “A Rose for Emily”.
The curiosity throughout the story helps to accentuate the gossipy or confessional tone that is felt throughout “A Rose for Emily”. The normal thing for most townspeople is to talk amongst themselves about what is going on around them and who it involves. In this town the talk seems to evolve around Miss Emily and the various things that they hear or see from her through the

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