Romans Too Holy Too Sacred

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The book of Romans appears to be stating that God’s “glory” in essence, exists as His/her sexual presence within people; by which the beauty of God’s glory, one’s true sexual birthright, became an ‘image’ of self-importance. Whereupon, resulting in the presence of lust arrogantly inflating human egos to idolize their bodies, by creating the pride of self, the Truth of God became unimportant, darkening and fading into a forgotten, ancient memory. In the course of time, this evil presence convinced the masses that the LORD exists “too holy, too sacred, and above it all” to become involved with people’s sexuality. Essentially, began the long history of suppressing the memory of the exquisite time of the ‘romance of Eden’ with humanity. Not surprisingly for quite a few people, there seems to be a cloudy undertone in their consciousnesses that something exists amiss; as if a component within them became ill-informed or altered. Perhaps wondering why one’s Creator would be extremely generous to grant a person the incredible gift of their sexual beings, giving to them a desire for the warmth of love that longs for intimate closeness, sexual contact, and the romancing of their beings. Yet sadly, a great deal of the time, “this exact matter” dispenses a devastating amount of ungodly pain, causing misery and heartache. Undoubtedly, this perplexity transpires into confusion; for within this paradox dwells the sexual ‘bondage’ of humanity. From the elite superstar, to the down and out

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