The Myth Of The Bible

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There are many aspects of christianity that cause me to wonder if the god that I have been taught about my entire life exists. The matter of creation is not one of the things that causes my doubt. Many atheists cite the proof of evolution as their reason to disprove the bible because it clearly teaches young earth creationism. They along with the majority of christians are wrong. Evolution, the Big Bang and science do not completely conflict with the bible. In order to truly understand the bible you must realize that it is not an almanac or historical account of history. It is a collection of many forms of writing that were put together to convey a message. Christians should not cling to their arrogance and continue to make preposterous claims that turn agnostics, atheists, and other theists away from Christianity. Old earth creationism is the only way that the bible should be interpreted. In this paper rather than providing science I will simply show how young earth creationist claims about the age of the earth are unfounded.
Young earth creationists believe the universe has existed for about 7,000 years. They provide “proof” for this interpretation in two major ways. The young earth interpretation takes the use of the hebrew word Yôm to mean a literal 24 hour day. meaning that Adam (if Adam was even an actual person) was literally created 6 days after the universe itself came into existence. Young earth creationists then trace the genealogies found in the bible to find the
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