The N Word: Ignorance In Hip Hop Culture

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Over time the “N” word has evolved from haunting and agonizing numerous generations of African Americans to a society that uses the word as a day-to-day greeting, compliment or for its original purpose to degrade and demean African Americans. Amongst the younger generation in today’s world, regardless of color the “N” word has somehow morphed into the word friend. Unfortunately, the use of this word is flying out of youths mouths without a second thought as to knowing the entire context and emotional background. This is mainly caused by urban hip-hop culture. In fact, numerous amounts of individuals do not perceive that the “N” word does in fact have deep somber roots. In this situation, todays entertainers and rappers are viewed in young people’s eyes as “icons” and “mentors”. Therefore, when these celebrity icons rap and send subliminal messages out saying the “N” word is “used as a term of endearment” today’s youth truly believe it. The ignorance in the youth community shows, due to them actually believing that there is a distinct difference when using the word with an “er” or an “a” on the end. I am flabbergasted about the logic that today’s youth decided to believe, for example, choosing to be completely uneducated about the background of the word which lead them to believe that there is nothing …show more content…

I have pondered over these questions for a while and drawn the sad conclusion that it is almost near impossible to forcefully prohibit a word from people’s mouths. However, there are numerous amounts of words that are even more substantial and powerful than the “N” word which is forgiveness. Forgiveness allows people to become free, enjoy every aspect of their life, and grants the ability to move forward. At some point looking back in the past might happen but, it is an inspiring example of how far you have

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