The NSA Privacy : To Hell With The NSA

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To Hell With the NSA

Privacy. Just one word, but one which encompasses your entire life. Everything you do, your secrets, your thoughts, feelings, most embarassing moments, all of these things lie in the realm of personal privacy. While this used to be something most people had easy access to, in a modern day society it is something to be worked for and earned. You have no right to privacy. Such is the issue now and such will always be an issue from here forward. Privacy issues, the violation of that privacy of yours which you hold so dear, are something becoming a common practice. Some people rally to this idea and preach a safer society, while others oppose it with a passion. The question only remains now, how much of your privacy are you willing to sacrifice to the “greater good”? While the violation of your privacy is a scary thought to most people, according to some of the supporters of ideas such as unregulated civilian monitoring and tracking by law enforcement agencies, these violations are a good thing. Agencies claim that this web of surveillance which they hold is only for the continuation of a peaceful society. Only used to track criminals and terrorist. To stop attacks before they happen and protect you, the civilian. A noble cause if there ever were one, only at the small cost of some of your data here, some of your data there, the occasional chat log pulled from your many messengers and social media accounts. Tendrils of surveillance snake through every

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