The Narrative Of Our Lives Intersects With God 's Story

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This Sunday we will wrap up a sermon series called “Storyline” in which we have explored how the narrative of our lives intersects with God’s story and helps to move the plot along. You can get caught up on the entire series here.
This series has challenged me as I hope it has you. It has caused me to take a step by and examine the many ways in which Jesus has showed up in the storyline of my life and has caused me to look for him more closely in the everyday. Where is God using my story to impact someone else’s?
But as the series wraps up this weekend it also has me thinking about happy endings and I had a flashback this week to a storyline out of my own life.
During a period when I was in High School, my dad was traveling quite a bit …show more content…

By the time we get to the end she will be thanking us for broadening her horizons and introducing her to a new genre of film.”
Yeah, I know what you are thinking…..bad idea…..
We got home, popped the video in the VCR and all was going very well for the first hour or so, but as the plot moved along towards the climax and conclusion, my mom started to get nervous.
“Does this movie have a happy ending?” she asked skeptically.
“Just watch the movie, mom.” I tried to dodge the question.
“This doesn’t have a happy ending, does it?!” she was catching on….
“Mom! Like, this movie won OSCARS….it’s seriously good…’re going to love it….just watch!”
“I can tell this movie does NOT have a happy ending!” she continued her protest followed by a gasp, “Does someone DIE in this movie?! Wait! It’s the cute kid isn’t it?! If the cute kid dies you are grounded!”
Spoiler alert…..the cute kid died…..and I got grounded…..
With the maturity of adulthood I can now see the error of trying to force my mom to enjoy a movie that doesn’t have a happy ending. I have even grown to appreciate her affection for the happy ending and have now implemented a similar rule of movie picking with my own family.
After all, who needs entertainment that is depressing? There’s enough pain and hurt and evidence of brokenness in the world around us on a daily basis. A happy ending in real life is a rare thing anymore. What’s wrong with escaping for 2 hours to a make-believe world where everyone always

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