The Narrative Of The Life And Adventure Of Venture

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Imagine twelve million Africans captured from their native land and embarked their adventure through the Middle Passage. Living on the slave ship was the most crucial thing to experience. Some committed suicide by jumping off the ship and drowned or letting the sharks attacks them. The Africans didn’t know what to expect but they knew something evil was upon them. Even though, they to beat the odds some have perish or they’ve cooperate to stay alive. Venture Smith tells his life story of a prince in Africa, being capture by strange white men and being in bondage, and becoming a free black man. Venture Smith should be recognized with other icons in the African American history. In “The Narrative of the life and Adventure of Venture” …show more content…

The width of their nose, to their six feet height, and their full lips. for example, Venture is described as over six feet in height with a muscular body frame. After the Africans was capture and held bondage from the Europeans; the Africans were force to not speak their language and assimilate into the European culture. The Europeans treated the Africans cruel and unfair, such as: whipped until the flesh is shown, and being hanged from a tree until the victim shakes and gasping for their last breath. Whereas the Europeans reason for invading African for their gold, silver, cattle, and slaves. The Europeans destroyed villages they’ve encounter, kidnapped women and children, and murder the men. Europeans features were freighting to the Africans because the Africans never seen a pale skin, thin nose people before. These Europeans had improved weapons that can kill a single man in one shot. Even though Venture father, Saungm Furro, payed the Europeans fat cattle, large sums of money, goats, and sheep. The Europeans wasn’t going to attack Saungm Furro, if he pays a large sum. Although the Europeans were being greedy and manipulative; the Europeans attacked Furro anyways. Venture Smith, or Broteer, was living a ravish life and it was suddenly taken away from him in one day. Young Broteer is being purchase and must assimilate in his new country, his owner given Broteer a new name, Venture. It didn’t take long for young Venture to assimilate in his new home and new

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