The Narrator As An Invisible Man

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The novel opens with the nameless narrator introducing himself to the reader as an invisible man. The Narrator makes it clear that he is not actually invisible but is considered as such because people refuse to see him. The Narrator is speaking from an underground space illuminated by a ridiculous number of light bulbs underneath a whites-only building. He goes on to tell the reader that he was not always in this predicament and begins to tell the tale of his younger days which led him to his current situation. Invisible Man pleads that the reader bear with him during this tale characterized by naivety, ignorance, and eagerness. The tale opens with the Narrator being invited to give his high school valedictory speech in front of leading white men in his community. When the Narrator arrives to give his speech, he is forced to participate in a boxing style competition, along with several other boys, for the entertainment of the white men in attendance. Invisible Man and the boys are then made to further humiliate themselves by having to grab coins off of an electrified rug. Once this is over, the Narrator is allowed to give his speech. The men love it until the Narrator slips up and says “social equality” instead of “social responsibility”. After delivering his speech, Invisible Man is given a briefcase with a scholarship to the state college for Negroes inside. Later that night, the Narrator has a dream about his grandfather and the new briefcase. In the dream, Invisible Man
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