The Natural Evolution Of Readability And How It 's Progression Reached Its Pinnacle Before The Beginning Of Post Modernism

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Visual communication is the interaction of meanings and thoughts through visual stimuli. Usually in 2D visual communication covers a wide range of genres including art, ideograms, typography, photography, illustration, graphic design and many others.
In this essay I will try to evidence the natural evolution of readability and legibility in visual communication and how it’s progression reached its pinnacle before the beginning of post-modernism. I will look as far back as the first known instances of visual communication, the cave paintings, and target key elements to the evolution and progression of visual communication including ideograms, the alphabet, scribes, the printing press, slave ship diagrams, the Renaissance, Leonardo Da Vinci and the Avantgarde, before concentrating on the change from Modernism to post-modernism. In my essay readability refers to the ease in which we can read the piece and legibility discuses the message it is trying to convey.

It is my View that Visual communication, for the most part; naturally progressed over time due to the influence of previous developments. I believe that this reached its pinnacle during modernism and experienced a drastic change during post-modernism.
The main theory that i will be trying to evidence is the natural progression and evolution of readability and legibility in visual communication until the beginning of post-modernism

The earliest known form of visual communication is Indonesian cave paintings dated at

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