The Nature Of Fertility And Its Nature

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Fertility and its nature has always been a dilemma that societies, cultures, and humans have faced. Dating all the way back to prehistoric times there have been many remedies that have been conjured up in order to harness the power of fertility. It is “as a life giver, she was identified with the mysterious powers of procreation and exalted as Mother Earth” (Fiero 5). Due to this responsibility, the numerous female statuettes excavated by archaeologists displayed the vital role that women had in prehistoric communities. Also, the art suggests the figurines seem to have featured certain aspects of the female anatomy that were hyperbolized and accentuated. These features were the breasts, glutes, and abdomen. This presented the major physical changes of woman as she carried another human being in her whom for nine months. The art suggests how the people used these statuettes and what it meant to the prehistoric era and its main audience. It shows how primitive these people were with the practice of sympathetic magic and how it set up an infrastructure, where power was gained over a person, object, or animal by capturing it visually (Fiero 5). This power enhanced itself as the users or audience would see the power as homeopathic almost like how wearing Air Jordans will give one the ability to play like Michael Jordan the same theory applied to this. Since, there was such high value and responsibility for women as caretakers and child bearers this type of idolatry or praise

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