The Nature of Teaching

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The Nature of Teaching

The nature of teaching has been conceptualized and explained n countless ways, one conceptualized is that teaching is the act of providing activities that facilitate learning, another view runs likes this”Teaching is something that takes place only when learning does. No matter what the teacher is doing in her classes, if the student are not learning something significant, she is not teaching, when the student fails, the teacher fails more. Quite similar to the two foregoing definitions is one attributed to a writer named Jacetot : To teach is to cause to learn.” according to the conceptualization by ho howee (1970),the teacher is not a dispenser of knowledge nor a person in change of the education
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Expressive behavior is important because students learn to read its various manifestation to know what moods the teacher has, e.g; a joking mood or serious mood, and to determine whether the teacher really means what he says.

3.)Performatory Behavior includes all physical activities such as writing on the blackboard, operating projectors and record players, manipulating model, using laboratory equipment, tools, machine, and other instructional materials.

Basic concepts on integarating techology in instruction

There is a lingering issue on how educational technology is integrated in the teaching leraning process. This is done to the fact that the mere use of the computer does not mean technology has already been integrated in instruction. For example, computer games may not relate at all to education, much less to classroom instruction.

There is a need, therefore, to provide learning on how educational technology can be applied and integrated into the teaching-leraning process. For this purpose, the definition given by pispia(1994) is helpful.

Integrating technology with teaching mean the use of learning technologies to introduce, reinforce, supplement and extend skills... the difference between the classrooms of exemplary users of technology and technology users is the way their classes are condicted, In the examplay classroom, Students use of computers is a national extinction of student tools.

Following this definition, there is NO
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