Technology And The Classroom Increase Student Achievement

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The use of technology in today’s time continues to develop inside and beyond the classroom. Promoting technology in classrooms gives teachers the tools they need to connect with this digital media world; however, the challenge is how and when integration is useful. Many teachers currently do not have the technological fluency to accomplish the goals of the new national standards. The Common Core standards expect teachers to include technology in their learning to increase student achievement. It is important for all educational stakeholders to work together on the common goal of preparing our youth for the future. To acquire a better understanding of teachers and administrators’ attitudes toward technology integration, the following research question is developed: How does integrating technology in the classroom increase student achievement? The purpose of this study is to determine the impact of integrating technology in middle school classroom and the benefits of integrating technology in the classroom. This research investigated the effectiveness of the usage of technology in the classroom, student achievement of the use of technology, and teacher and principals’ perspectives of technology.
Key terms
Technology integration- the use of technology tools in a content area or in a classroom
Technology- is a body of knowledge devoted to creating tools, processing actions and extracting of materials. Technology usage is accomplishing in our everyday activities. It is…
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