The Nature of Thought

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The nature of thought is a fascinating topic for conversation; however, in order to understand it one must also know the different facets of thinking. The three major aspects to explore when discussing thinking are the sensing process, memory, and medium. There are also certain perceptual blocks, thoughts, and personal barriers that may hinder a person’s thought process. The first part of thinking to explore is the sensing process, this is very important to the process of thinking. Without our senses that stimulate the brain, you would be unable to think. Hearing, smelling, touching, tasting, seeing different things in our environment which are stored in the brain all help us to think and to have thoughts about different…show more content…
My supervisor asked me to first take a step outside the situation and research the issue to ensure that what I thought was truly the issue. I found out that the billing department did not know of the error and because we had recently changed some processes in our billing system, they were unaware that they could no longer begin the invoice creating process without completing all the steps in the same day, unlike previously, where they could start and stop when necessary without any errors. I saw that language empowered my thought because once I communicated with the billing department I understood that although the department was in charge of creating the invoice incorrectly, they were unaware of the issues and were able to learn how to correct this error in the future, I also learned that I should check my perceptions before I accuse. Many perceptual blocks can influence a person’s views and thoughts. Perceptual blocks are things such as religion, culture, nationality, political views, self-concept, egos, or emotional barriers. I rely heavily on religion and self-concept when viewing situations, although many times ego and emotion play a large part of how I think about a situation. Personal barriers are created by enculturation, these determine what religion you choose and what your
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