The Navajo Nation Division Of Social Services

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Intake Form Critique The Navajo Nation Division of Social Services (NDSS) intake form is used by three agencies under the NDSS umbrella for various services including child welfare for reservation residents, Indian Child Welfare for ICWA/state collaboration, local and off reservation adoption, as well as clinical treatment services. The intake form was developed in 2011 with the intent to gather and report Adoption, Foster Care, Analysis Reporting System (AFCARS) data to the federal government and modified in 2015 to become more streamlined with NDSS’ electronic case management system. The latest revision incorporates various data elements needed to satisfy specific statistical requirements with NDSS’ various funding providers and grantees. To thoroughly complete the intake, a worker must answer a total of seventy-six questions: seventy-four by the worker generating the initial intake, and four questions by the worker’s supervisor to document what action is being taken in regard to service delivery. A breakdown of the intake form depicts a total of 25 questions that are pertinent with NDSS protocol & policies, while 51 questions relate to the client and the client’s request/report for services. Of the 51 questions relating to the client, each field reports basic demographic information about the client, the client’s parents if the referred individual is a minor, and other household members. While I do understand the need for each of the required fields coming from the…
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