The Nazi Concentration Camp By Tadeusz Borowski

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In February 1943, the author of the many short stories and first-hand accounts that make up This Way for the Gas, Ladies and Gentleman was sent to a German concentration camp. Living under the terrible conditions and finding a way to survive every day, Tadeusz Borowski, had many unimaginable experiences that he would soon write about, some in the form of letters and some simply stories of his experiences in the death camps. Throughout his time at the various Nazi concentration camps, Borowski finds that although the Nazi’s are to blame for the violence and horrific things seen and done at the camps, it is also the prisoners themselves who are to blame for giving in to orders and for not taking a stand. By seeing lives come and go throughout his time at the concentration camps, he concludes that the nature of humanity in general, is that people will submit to bad things now, hoping that the future will change for the best.
Not long after Adolf Hitler came to power in Germany, the Nazi’s began establishing concentration camps in Germany as early as 1933. These camps housed people who were against and who were believed to be against Nazi policy. People from all over the areas of Nazi power that did not accept the new policies were captured and sent on trains straight to one of many concentration camps. Conditions at the camps were worse than terrible. Upon arrival the men and woman would be stripped of all belongings, even the clothing they were wearing and would be lined up.

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