The Necessity At The Heart Of Every Command

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The necessity to communicate is at the heart of every command. General Gordon Sullivan put this in perspective best when he explained: Force XXI will leverage the capabilities of the latest technologies to optimize the skill and courage of our soldiers. We will integrate information age technology with our tactical units. We will redesign units, built around people and new technologies, to enhance their agility, versatility and lethality. Combatant commanders who rely upon their communication channels are not able to effectively move vital elements within a combat theatre without the ability to move information. As the country continues to engage combatants in countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria, the need to effectively communicate has become ever increasing. Moreover, the requirement to share data within and amongst theaters is even more imperative as we link actors to one another well beyond the borders in which we are currently engaged. Program Manager WIN-T (Warrior Information Network-Tactical) provides commanders with the ability to move data across the world and receive real time directions from commanders located within the Continental United States through internet access. Soldiers, to include commanders are now able to further untether themselves from their command post and communicate both on the move or at the halt, further maximizing their time on the ground. However, progressing to such a point has taken years to accomplish. The
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