The Necessity Of Postsecondary Education

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The topic of this essay is the necessity of postsecondary education. Robert Perry begins his argument by presenting an opposing argument from author Charles Murray. Perry then points out what is wrong with Murray’s argument, and presents an alternative idea. Perry is arguing that there needs to be more colleges, universities, and community colleges to offer Americans the opportunity to receive a higher education, because people with a post secondary education are in high demand.
Perry assumes that his audience are parents who are concerned about the future of their children, and will be not agree with Murray’s idea of completely eliminating most of the higher education student body. Therefore, he presents the idea that higher education is needed because without it we can’t lead the global economy, there will be more jobs that require a degree, and that the fastest growing job categories require a post secondary education. Other reasons for higher education that he includes are that if people completely stop going to college, then there will be a shortage of people to fulfill jobs in the medical field, all of which require some type of post secondary education. He also states that there is a shortage of teachers at the moment, and to be a good teacher requires a certain level of higher education. When giving these examples of higher education, he is making a comparison between what it will be like if these people go to college and what will happen if people stop going to…
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