The Necessity of Routine Dental Examinations Essay examples

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Routine Dental Examinations Visiting a dentist at least twice a year for a routine examination is recommended to find dental problems early. A knowledgeable dentist understands how to examine the facial structure, neck and mouth for abnormalities such as growths that indicate cancer. During the examination, the dentist can quickly fill tiny cavities or remove hardened plaque. Despite brushing carefully each day, many individuals miss tartar buildup below the gumline or between teeth. The dentist can remove the sticky plaque with scraping devices to prevent bacteria from causing gum inflammation and enamel erosion. If the dentist notices additional problems, further treatment is necessary. Bad Breath Many patients visit a dentist …show more content…

Bacteria from plaque and tartar are the primary causes of decayed tooth enamel. Bacteria can destroy enamel causing an individual to experience pain from inside the tooth where tiny nerve endings are located. Tooth decay occurs between teeth, on biting surfaces or near dental roots. A dentist can usually restore a tooth with a small cavity by using a specialized drill to remove damaged enamel and bacteria. After removing the decay and sanitizing the area, a restoration is necessary to support the outer layer of a tooth. Gum Inflammation Individuals experiencing gum inflammation should see a dentist quickly for treatment. The typical signs of gingivitis of the gums are swollen tissue, frequent bleeding or discomfort while chewing food. Immediate intervention from a dentist is required when gum tissue has a chronic infection. Untreated gingivitis can lead to loss of teeth due to root or pulp infection. In addition to a visual examination of teeth and gums, a dentist will require medical imaging tests to look at underlying structures including bone tissue. Treatment of gingivitis includes removing bacteria from the teeth, roots and gums with curettage, planing and scaling techniques. Dental Trauma A dental emergency requires quick thinking and action to save a tooth. A dentist is always available to assist with dental emergencies immediately. If a tooth is knocked out of the mouth by a sport injury or automobile accident, carefully pick up the

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