The Need for Civility in Social Media Essay

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Imagine a world where the physically weak have a powerful weapon to fight against the strong. In this kind of world, that mean kid who beats you up, steals your lunch money, and copies your math homework has no power, whereas the weakling who gets his lunch money stolen has all of it. Through the aid of social media, individuals, teens in particular, who are usually quite docile have a chance to fight back at their oppressors, or they might, in the heat of the moment, begin to victimize someone else. With a few keystrokes, that mean ‘ole bully of yours can be knocked down a peg or two. The best part? The bully can’t fight back with his fists. In this world, it’s a battle of ‘brains’ instead of brawn. In this world, the victim can become …show more content…

When teens are first introduced into this sort of environment their minds quickly begin to soak up the seemingly endless pool of information. After processing that information, their brains begin to form opinions on the information. According to a recent article on Science 2.0, “The remoteness and anonymity of social media makes aggressive and cultural political posturing easy - that is why people who think the majority of their friends have differing opinions than their own engage less on Facebook”, the result of this is incredibly polarized, politically charged opinions. The problem with these sorts of polarized opinions is a phenomenon known as homophily. The main and only principle of this phenomenon is that, “People are mainly friends with those who share similar values and interests. They tend to interact with them the most” (Science 2.0), the problem with this is that when a person is friends with someone who does not share those values and interests, the pair are far more likely to disagree or interact at all. In addition to this, being a part of a community of 1.2 billion, 645 million on Twitter (Statistics Brain), lends itself to a populace of nearly all anonymous citizens. For teens this

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