The Need to Implement Mandetory Voting in the United States Essay

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Collective suffrage is today considered an essential ingredient of democratic rule. But what about collective participation? Should the right to vote be accompanied with a legal duty to exercise it to guarantee this goal? Although voting is often said to be a norm of society in many places, many countries have failed to make it a priority and then wonder why the many different groups are not properly accounted for. If compulsory voting were to be established levels of voting would increase significantly which would most likely improve the validity of representation in government. Governments elected by only a small percentage of U.S citizens are unrepresentative of the population, and consequently may not be perceived as legitimate. The …show more content…

Many Americans are quick to complain about how unhappy they are with the way the United States’ government is handling issues when a good amount of them do not even participate in the voting process. By implementing compulsory voting, that issue will decrease greatly. Because citizens will be obligated to vote, whoever ends up in government will lie directly in their hands. With that being said, at the end of the day if the people in government do a poor quality job during their term, citizens will have no one to blame but themselves (Norris 16). With compulsory voting, citizens will be forced to learn more about candidates’ views instead of voting ignorantly by just looking at which candidate is within their party rather than who actually supports their views for the country. One country that implemented compulsory voting many years ago is Australia. In Australia, mandatory voting has proven to be successful and beneficial. There, politicians are forced to devote less time and energy to issues that appeal to single-issue voters such as guns, homosexual marriages, and abortion. Instead they would be forced to focus more on issues that appeal to the middle such as deficits, education, and energy (Ornstein 14). Imagine if the United States had a similar system. Both parties would know that their bases would turn out in

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