The Need to Stop Fracking

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to get the natural gas we have to use a thing called horizontal drilling, horizontal drilling allows us to go deep into the ground and injected high pressure fracking fluids into the shale area and when they have the cracks in the ground for the oil to go through and they put sand to hold open the cracks and keep them open this is the process of fracking. Tell the recipient of your letter why you chose to share this information with them: I am writing to good morning america because a lot of people watch that show i believe that if someone hears this then they will want to put a stop to it because its a very popular show. these are some bad things about fracking .the chemicals they use for fracking sometimes get into peoples water and could cause us to get very ill..a lot of animals lose their homes because they have to cut down the forest trees where animals live. .fracking can cause a lot of traffic and noise from all the drilling and construction problems. fracking should stop because not only can it damage our forest, put chemicals in our water, and cause traffic and construction problems but it also pollutes our air which can kill us animals and plants. here are some good things .fracking creates a lot of jobs for people unemployed.fracking creates a big money boom for the people who are getting the drilling done on their land. fracking gives us our own oil instead of us getting…
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