Essay on The Negative Consequences of Smoking

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Statistics show that 400,000 people a year die due to smoking related problems. Experts have proven that smoking damages the lungs and kidneys, but people continue to smoke to relieve stress. This paper will expose the various ways that smoking can harm the people and environment.
Everyone knows that smoking is bad, yet they still continue to do it. Consumers smoke for various reasons. Some smoke because they are stressed, unfulfilled, angry, and depressed. Smoking helps them to cope with their problems. The chemicals inside of smoking and its dependency are what make it bad. There are about 600 ingredients in a cigarette, and when it is ignited it creates more than 4,000 chemicals. There are about 70 chemicals that are poisonous. There is …show more content…

When people are finished smoking, they dispose of their cigarettes in varying ways. Some dump them in the trash; like a civilized person should, but others just throw them on the ground. When this happens, the cigarettes are swept away into the sewers. Tobacco is not only detrimental to the air, but to the air too. When cigarette waste gets into the water in takes years for it to break completely down. “Approximately 5 million hectares (600 million trees) of forest are destroyed each year to provide trees to dry tobacco.” (Tobacco and the environment , 2013)
On the hand, there are other alternatives to individuals who smoke. There are nicotine patches, nasal sprays, gums, and e-cigarettes. An e-cigarette is an alternative to regular tobacco cigarettes. They have batteries that let them inhale a mist or vapor, instead of the usual smoke. The battery inside of it charges a heating element called an “atomizer.” The atomizer uses the energy to heat the liquid in the cartridge. An e-cigarette is a healthier alternative than a regular cigarette. “To put into perspective an e-cigarette contains nearly the exact same trade levels of nitrosamines as the F.D.A approved nicotine patch, and about 1,300 times less nitrosamines than a Marlboro cigarette. (Cassa, 2011)
Additionally, there have

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